The Alaskan Peninsula, a cloud-cloaked landscape of active volcanoes and rolling tundra, where the sockeye salmon runs are the most productive in the World. At the base of the peninsula lies Katmai National Park and Preserve, a wilderness larger than Yellowstone and Yosemite combined. Katmai occupies the Pacific Ocean side of the Peninsula, opposite Kodiak Island on the Shelikof Strait. The Katmai National Park and Preserve is recognized and acknowledged as the Home to the largest gathering and concentrations of protected Brown bears in the world today.

The Katmai Preserve Moraine hunting concession includes 297 square miles within the Katmai National Preserve on the Alaskan Peninsula and is exclusive to Alaska's Extreme Hunting. It is bordered by Lake Iliamna to the north, and surrounded by millions of acres of land closed to all hunting- namely, the Katmai National Park to the south, and the McNeil River Brown Bear Preserve and McNeil Game Sanctuary on the East.

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Katmai's awesome natural powers confront us not only volcanics but as brown bears. In summer, North America's largest land predators gather at streams to feast on salmon runs, build weight from this wealth of protein and fat, and prepare for the coming long winter. We come to Katmai to sample but an edge of its enormous raw natural force, a sampling itself constituting a rare and endangered opportunity. An extremely diverse climate and ecosystem, with weather tracking up the Shelikof straits producing storms comprised of wind, rains, and snow of the most severe proportions during the late fall and into winter. Early spring storms can also be prevalent. This prime optimal brown bear hunting habitat however is where these highly concentrated and massive bears live and strive.

The finest and best attainable support and emergency gear is required to endure these elements and provided to the hunter and his Professional Bear Guide during their hunt. It also requires Hunters of the highest unwavering determination and commitment willing to withstand the Katmai. Together sharing this uncompromising mindset, the client and their professional guide have an opportunity to explore a very much unmolested and highly desired brown bear hunting venue and incredible brown bear destination full of record class potential.

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The Katmai Moraine Preserve area concession was not previously accessible as the Moraine was closed to Guided Trophy Brown bear sport hunting for the last 8 years. This opening allows hunters access to this exclusive concession area providing a world-class hunting destination and adventure full of superlatives and extremes, a specific chess match where every decision counts and is intended for a singular end purpose, where a hunter and his guide can fully immerse themselves in during their assault on the Katmai Alaskan Back country.