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Trophy Alaskan Brown Bear Hunts:
World Class Brown bear hunting is offered for the most descriminate hunter pursuing the highest possibilities attainable for a record class trophy brown bear.Conducted in  some of  the absolute finest world class settings and world reknown designated trophy bear hunting area's today.The Katmai Park and Preserve is world reknown  for containing  the highest and largest brown bear concentrations and  numbers overall in the world.Consistently producing and sustaining higher percentages for increased oppurtunities for unprecedented record class trophy brown bear results or trophy bears reaching close to that mark on a consistent and continual basis is what Alaska's Extreme Hunting offers each committed hunter.
Length of Hunts: 
10 Day professionally guided trophy brown bear hunts in the moraine area of the Katmai preserve.Clients have the choice of our traditional spike camps or reserving the base camp and it's supportting ammenities offered for their hunt..
Preserve Area:
Katmai's awsome natural powers confront us not only as volcanics but as Brown bears.North america's largest land predators and largest concentrations gather within the katmai's streams and rivers during the summer and fall to feast and build weight from this wealth of protein and fat on the largest sockeye salmon run in the world from bristol bay waters to prepare for the coming long winter.This is an exclusive use concession area comprised of over 290 square miles within the katmai  preserve moraine area. 


Comprised of a knowledgable dedicated staff of highly talented self driven professional brown bear guides.They are committed overachievers and have been paramount to Alaska's Extreme Hunting's success.Each of our staff members encompasses highly respected and individually unique hunting techniques and professional skill sets.These are seasoned guides who embrace the challenges of professional hunting and among the finest the industry has to offer for professional brown bear hunting.These staff members and their individual techniques are affectively used during the assault on the alaskan backcountry with their clients.                                                                          

 Spike Camp Ammenities:
Providing the best attainable support gear.The spike camps consist of the following: comfortable and appropriatly sized cots.The tents used are refered to as artic ovens.These are extreme high performance- 10'x10' in size.Pre-cooked/vacuum sealed home made meals.An array of highly nutritional and sustainable foods and various snacks between meals.Freeze dried meals are always on stand by in case of late returns from hunting or emergencies.Fold away chairs and table.Filtered water, coffee, tea, juices, and any other items or additional requested items the clients may request.  

 Base Camp Ammenities:

The Base camp is provided with a spaceous high performance Artic Oven-'10x20' Supported with portable tables and chairs.This is the primary gathering and cook tent.Meals cooked for breakfast primarily consist of eggs, alaskan blueberry pancakes, oatmeal, reindeer sausage, bacon, bagels, coffe,tea, juices. Dinners prepared offer ribs, beef & steak,chicken and other cuisine complimented with fresh fruits and vegetables with all  condiments.Portable hot showers are provided as well.The base camp setting will accommadate 2 clients who will share an additional artic oven 10'x10' tent with cots and chairs.These clients will share the base camp setting with their 2 guiding staff members and Don Willis owner/outfitter of Alaska's Extreme Hunting.Don will prepare all meals.The base camp must be reserved well in advance.The base camp is among the finest setting from a wilderness tent hunting environment.The location of the base camp has been researched thoroughly and will not require clients who prefer this setting to compromise the finest hunting for trophy brown bear while enjoying these full wilderness ammenities.
Emergency Support Gear: 
All Professional bear camps are outfitted with:satellite phones, ground to air radios, gps, class 2 epirb with active registration,complete wilderness first aid kits Written emergency preparedness binder with detailed information to include:emergency  points and persons of contact list,Specific instructions for medical emergencies, injury & trauma  treatments, regional evacutation & procedures.Detailed directions and instructions for all electronics use.In the rare event you or your guide is injured, the client or guide will be more readily prepared to handle these emergencies with the assistance of the emegency preparedness binder and it's directions and associated emergency support gear.This emergency support gear and prepardness plan outline could possibly make the difference in saving a life in these rare events or emergencies that do take place from time to time in the remote Alaskan wilderness every year.
Our Committment:
We are culminated with clear vision for clients highest attainable and optimal trophy brown bear success and unmatched alaskan brown bear adventure for this specie.Our priorities and objectives have always remained clear.The complete and correct representation of a professional setting for the alaskan trophy brown bear hunter.Provide each of our  clients a highly recongnized and respected world class hunting destination complimented with the finest available supporting gear and professional staff.Provide them continual trophy sustainable heavy bear concentration area's with multiple quality oppurtunities for each client.Identify attainable goals and clear objectives with the client prior to their hunt.Exude at all times a reflection of ourselves and project that reflection in our guiding service's to the clients, in what we would come to expect and envision if we were the client looking for and expecting a world class professional hunting venue, setting, and advertised professional services for the best quality trophy bear oppurtunities and consistent reliable world class trophy bruin results. 
What make this professional trophy brown bear hunt stand above other venues aside from many other obvious aspects, including one of the largest protected brown bear concentrations in the world today, is the incredible open country in which the moraine encompasses.Over 80 percent of this landscape is alder free.This greatly enhances the hunting and enjoyment of this incredible vast area while glassing the moraine region from countless vantage points.Locating and stalking trophy bears moving and holding  within the enormous endless drainages and valleys without being subjected to the countless maze of alders hindering productive brown bear sightings and silent stalking that is normally unprecidented.Providing hunters discriminate brown bear choices and enjoying and observing bruin movements without the alders is a welcommed and ver much a productive change from much of the alaskan back drop we have come to know which unfortunately the alaska landscape is comprised of throughout the state.
 World Class Fishing:
For those clients choosing the fall hunting season for their trophy brown bear hunts.The Katmai  Moraine creek and its surrounding waterway was recently articled in The Fish Alaska Magazine August/September-2014 Moraine Creek Strategies and one of the Top destinations for Trophy class rainbows. Refered to as a Dream Stream in alaska this is a strictly catch and release flyrod fishing venue only for these rare and  incredibly large Rainbows,which  have been  caught and known to surpass over 33 inches. Clients can choose to fish at their leisure and anytime during there bear hunt.The moraine creek is only one of many world reknown fishery mecca's within the Katmai National Park and Preserve.Fishing these waters should be thoroughly and completely enjoyed and experienced at some point during a clients fall hunt.

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In the early part of 2007, I was looking for a brown bear hunt. I called different outfitters that I found on the internet. One of them was Don Willis of Alaska's Extreme Hunting and I spoke with him on the phone. Don was very straight forward and explained everything that I would need and what the trip would consist of. He seemed very knowledgeable and I, and another friend, decided to book a hunt with him. We were sent a contract and given a date that we would go on the bear hunt.

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